Cincinnati Machines Announces

Strong Grinding Sales

Cincinnati Machines reports that in spite of an otherwise ho hum machine tool market, our Grinding sector has reported strong interest and sales of grinding machines, and especially large Roll and OD grinders, along with centerless grinders. A company spokes-person reports recent shipments to various countries, including a paper mill in Singapore, Alcoa in Saudi Arabia, ID and Universal Grinders to Mexico, OD Grinder to Goodrich Aerospace in Canada, Centerless Grinder to Poland, machines to India, Siemens USA, Indonesia, and others.

Juts one example; Wanting to expand capacity, a large turbine grinding repair facility in Houston, has requested and now purchased an extreme capacity CINCINATI MACHINES Traveling Wheel-head Roll Grinder to re-grind large turbine and compressor rotors and couplings. This grinder will be able to grind part diameters from 2 to 70.86 inch diameter, up to 236 inches long, and with part weights up to 50,000lbs. In addition, it will be able to handle grinding wheels from 36 up to 60 inch diameter to allow grinding down between the large diameter turbine blades to reach down to 2 inch diameter shaft areas. In addition, this 75 ton grinder will hold accuracies of 0.00011-0.00019 inches, and finishes down to .3 Micron. See Grinders Here

CINCINNATI MACHINES Reports - Strong Grinding Sector


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