Cincinnati Machines Announces

New Acquisition

Cincinnati Machines is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Machinery Support, a company known for providing repair parts for more than 1000 machine tool manufacturers. Machinery Support has now been absorbed into our "" subsidiary company. However, we have retained the dba and website for Machinery Support and

A Cincinnati Machines spokes-person states, "With the success of our branch business, it just makes sense to combine the expertise and resources of both companies to provide customers with a single source entity for their machinery support needs. No need for customers to waste time searching for repair parts, when they can find most of the parts they need at MACHINERY SUPPORT. Various machine tool operation, parts, and service manuals for defunct machine tool companies are also available here at MACHINERY SUPPORT. We suggest that you click this link and save that as one of your favorites for the next time that you need machine tool parts."



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